2017 FIRST Robotics Challenge

The 2017 FIRST Steamworks competition is a steam punk theme where you control your robot to throw balls into a “boiler”, pick up gears and place them on a peg and climb a rope. The boiler has two goals, a high and a low, where you score balls to build up “steam pressure”, the high goal scores 3x the points versus the low goal. The gears placed on the peg are then drawn up into an “airship” by human players, who then place them to start rotors turning. In the last 30 seconds of the match, the robots must hoist themselves up a rope and hold a button down till the end of the match. Around the field are placed ball hoppers and loading lanes, at the ball hoppers the robot must push against a lever, releasing 100 balls onto the field. At loading lanes, there is a human player who drops balls or gears down a ramp, where they are sent into the field. To learn more about the competition watch the video below.