Team History

Team 3627 Jungle Robotics has been operating out of Sarasota, Florida, bringing together students from across the county, since 2009. The team was founded in 2010 by a group of juniors attending Pine View High School, who wanted to introduce FIRST Robotics to Sarasota County for the first time. The team’s first year was spent laying the framework for an organized and cohesive team, an important process that would help lead to success in the future. That season, Jungle Robotics competed at the FIRST Orlando Regional. The team failed to advance to the next stage of competition, but it performed admirably for a first-year team and gained valuable experience. The team’s second year was a marked improvement over the first, and it was in this year that the team began making a name for itself. Jungle Robotics partnered with the Sarasota County School System, JCPenny, and Sun Hydraulics to design, build, and test a robot in just six weeks. The finished product was far from perfect, but it allowed the team to win the Orlando Regional and advance to the World Championship in St. Louis. When year three began, the team became eligible to compete for the FIRST Chairman’s Award. The award is given to the team that does the most to promote STEM and the principles of FIRST within the community, and it is the most prestigious award given to any single team. Jungle Robotics put its effort and resources into the community—perhaps even more than it put into building the robot. The team provided free tutoring in math and science to students at Brentwood Elementary, founded FIRST Lego League Teams in three middle schools in the county, and established a three-year intensive Robotics course at Pine View High School. Despite having no prior experience with STEM promotion in the local community, Jungle Robotics won the Regional Chairman’s Award at the 2013 Orlando Regional, beating out other, more established teams that had consistently won the award in previous years. Once again, Team 3627 was among the select few eligible to compete at the World Championship in St. Louis. Entering our fourth season, we were excited to build, learn, and thrive. We placed forty-first out of sixty-two at the Orlando Regional, but won the prestigious Governor’s Award.  Our fifth season was considerably better, with our robot excelling in the Coopertition portion of the Recycle Rush competition, aiding all teams in their rankings. We placed twenty fourth out of sixty four teams at the Orlando regional, optimistic for our next chance at the World Championship.