This week we assembled the chassis, installed the wheels and motors, and assembled much of the electrical components but have yet install to them. We revamped the idea of a pneumatic arm when we saw the Robot in 3 Days video. The passive design allowed for less wiring and motors overall.  Prototypes were made for the loading lane, the 2 by 4 bar to hang the rope on, and the “gear gobbler.” We also installed the bumpers and a Lexan platform for the electronics. The current plan for scoring balls into the boiler involves a hopper with an elevator floor that will collect the balls as they are dumped from the ball hoppers around the field. It will then deposit about 30 – 60 balls (~3 – 6 points) into the low goal by lifting the elevator floor. We decided against shooting for the high goal, as it would be too inconsistent. Programming was done to the extent of running the motors. This week we focused on the basic frame and wiring aspects of the robot.

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