1-7-17 FIRST Kickoff

Today the team met between 10am and 6pm for the kickoff of FIRST robotics competition. The competition for this year is FIRST Steamworks, where alliances cooperate to construct and fly their airships through loading fuel (represented by plastic balls), loading gears onto their respective ships, and climbing a rope to board the airship at the end of a match. Part of the team went to an official kickoff in Tampa where they received a kickoff kit while those of us who did not attend the Tampa event watched the broadcast and began to brainstorming. we worked on the various subsystems and a basic time management plan for build season, (competition details here). Among other ideas, extra consideration was given to a pneumatic arm/claw for lifting the gear as well as a pincer design. For the climbing portion of the competition, we considered a winch/rotating cylinder design. Upon the return of those who attended the Tampa event, the team began constructing field components from wood for future testing with the  robot/subsystems.

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