FIRST Robotics Mission:

Our mission is to provide a friendly, immersing, and challenging environment for young students to enhance their science and technology skills through hands-on exercises in the field of robotics. By participating in team activities, students learn to bring out their creativity, practice cooperation, leadership, and self-confidence to work together to create a robot to compete in the FIRST Robotics Competition.

What is FIRST Robotics?

The FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) Robotics competition is an international competition where teams from all around compete through their hand-built robots. Teams are given six weeks to build their game-playing robots to compete in events such as scoring balls into goals, balancing on a beam, or hanging on a bar. But FIRST Robotics is not all about robots. This event is meant to inspire students to pursue careers as STEM innovators and help the world celebrate science and technology. FIRST Robotics promotes good sportsmanship and respect, and embraces the idea of having competing enemy teams inspire and help each other in the face of fierce competition, not put each other down. The whole competition is meant for creative students to band together and trade ideas, to learn from those across the state, nation, and world, and learn from one another to aid in their future careers.

Community Outreach

Every year, members of the Jungle Robotics team step into the community to help volunteer and promote STEM to inspire students to pursue careers of interest in the STEM field.